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VoIP ServiceSunRocket
Our Rating
Monthly PriceHURRY - Spring Special, Expires Tonight: Free Second Year - Only $8.29 a month! Click "Review" for details.
Activation Cost$29.95
No‑Risk Trial31 days
Equipment CostFree!
Contract RequiredCancel anytime - no penalties!
Termination CostNone

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Free second year of service makes Sunrocket Unlimted plan only $8.29 a month.
Get $3 free international calling + 2 free directory assistance calls per month. Order SunRocket Now!

Our Opinion

SunRocket's slightly unconventional philosophy is a refreshing departure from what's become pretty standard in the VoIP industry. On the surface, their service appears to be just like all the others, but where SunRocket stands out, however, is with the little added features they throw in. Their bottm line pricing is fair and easy to understand, their service is excellent, voice quality is as good as it gets, but it's the free extras Sunrocket throws in that will convince you to sign up.

SunRocket Extras

$3 Free International Calling Each Month
Free Extra Phone Number (Virtual Number) In Any Area Code
Two Free Directory Assistance (411) Calls Each Month
Bottom Line Pricing - Tax Included
Free Equipment, Free Shipping
31-Day Risk-Free Guarantee
Free Cordless Phone (with $199/year plan only, not valid with any other offers or promotions)
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Service Description

TODAY ONLY! Get a free 2nd year of service (a $199 value) when you sign up for the $199 annual plan. That's 2 years for the price of one - only $8.29 a month for award-winning VoIP service.

SunRocket offers an unlimited monthly plan for $24.95/month, and a limited (200 minutes per month) plan for $9.95 per month. Light users will appreciate the limited plan, but unlimited users are better served by the prepaid unlimited plan: For $199, you'll get 12 months of service, saving you nearly $10 a month. At this price, prepaying is worth considering. Where else can you find a full-featured phone line plus unlimited long distance for only $16 and change per month, with all of the extras Sunrocket throws in? Nowhere.

The Sunrocket Limited plan includes the "Sunrocket Sunspot" calling plan. SunRocket SunSpots are a group of 30 countries plus an additional 11 key foreign cities that qualify for SunRocket's best international calling rate of $.03 per minute. These countries include Argentina, Australia, China, Germany, Israel, Japan, and the UK. The special Sunspot pricing is only available with the Limited plan.

Once you sign up for service, SunRocket will ship you a telephone "gizmo" (the adapter) that you'll connect to your internet connection (no router necessary if you're using only one PC), and then you'll connect your free Sunrocket cordless phone (for a limited time only). Make a setup call, and then you're ready to go. It's so simple to set up, anyone can do it. If you're using more than one PC along with your Sunrocket VoIP service, you'll need a router (visit our hardware page for our top-rated routers available for immediate purchase on Amazon.com).

For a limited time, Sunrocket will throw in a cordless phone system and a free launch kit with telephone adapter! (on $199/year plan only) Hurry, offer is for limited time!

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Available Plans


  • Signature Service Unlimited Annual, Unlimited $199.00 for 2 years! (FREE SECOND YEAR - ENDS TONIGHT!)Best Value!
  • Signature Service Unlimited Monthly, Unlimited $24.95
  • Limited Edition $9.95/mo, 200 minutes/mo
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